Craig on the Issues

The issues that matter the most in our community


Jobs & The Economy

I have 27 years of private sector experience. Politicians understand politics. I understand business. I want to bring my business experience to Columbus and help turn this economy around. We need to start by bringing quality jobs back to Ohio. I am tired of seeing businesses choose neighboring states over us. I want to push back on government overreach, lower taxes and create incentives for companies to come to Ohio. This will make us a more appealing state to the businesses that are looking to relocate. It will also help us retain the jobs that are still here. We need to ensure that we keep people working, and bring in new jobs for those who need them. I want the families in the 82nd House District to have the same opportunities that I had. 

Taxes and Spending 

The more Columbus spends, the more they will tax. My constituents will know that I will always fight wasteful spending, because I know who will end up paying for it. I am fed up with politicians taking our hard earned money and spending it so carelessly. The citizens of Ohio’s 82nd House District work hard, and I will work even harder to make sure that they get to keep more of their paychecks. 



Common Core has failed our students and teachers. I believe that our local school administrators know what is best for our students, not the federal government. I will fight to empower our teachers and administrators and help our students get the education they deserve.   


Conservative Family Values

Stronger families make for a stronger nation. We need to start promoting conservative family values. We need to keep faith in our society, and protect religious freedom. I am unequivocally Pro-Life and believe that Human life must be protected from the moment it begins. 

2nd Amendment 

I am tired of the liberal left infringing upon our rights. As a gun owner, I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. We have the right to protect our families, and I will make sure that no one in Columbus  takes that right away from us.